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Satta king is very popular game across the country.There are number between 1 to 100.Satta king players chose one or many numbers from it of a particular company and if that number is opened by the satta company then satta players get amount into 90 times of their original amount.We provide online satta results of the satta companies.


The satta king game was started many years ago in near 1980's and it is running till date successfully.


Satta is a lottery game, in which there are numbers from 1 to 100, one of the numbers opens. On 4 pm, Ghaziabad opens at 4 pm Delhi-Durbar at 10 pm First of all, a man named Tasim Khan brought Satta to the world of online internet. Paas used to write games and then called him to find out the results, but Tasim Khan's man first created a website called www.Satta-King.in made it very easy for all the betting players to see the results. He puts the name of the Satta King website on his mobile and he sees the most super fast live results, Satta now you start playing online as well. He used to write games on the phone or go to his base very often, it was a mistake to listen to Khaiwal like a player would have to pay 500 rupees in 25 pairs but Khaiwal used to listen to 45, which was a dispute later. Download the app, pay online and play the game, the result is also found in the same app, now everyone is very happy, there is no problem, everyone is happy with Tasim Khan.